Say hi to Pie,

Say hi to Pie,

Where money comes to life.

Pie is a totally new way to make and share money with others - socially. Build your business. Quit your job. Help people. Pie is the way money should work.

Make money for being you.

Send and receive tips with anyone. Make money without having to sell anything.

On Pie, people pay you because they like you. No need to sell anything. Pie is for any person, and any business, small or large. Tip your friends, your favorite businesses, and your favorite creators.

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New. Fun. Social.

On Pie, money comes to life.

Get a public real time feed of all the tips you and others get, complete with comments and profiles. Tap into a whole new kind of support with friends and businesses, whether you have a business and following or not.

  • Tip to say hi
  • Tip to say thanks
  • Tip to help others
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Worry less.

Money straight to your bank.

Spend less time worrying about bills and more time helping others and building your business. On Pie, people have your back and you have theirs. The more you give the more you get.

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Pie is for Entrepreneurs.

Forget about follows and likes. Build your business on Pie.

Pie is for dog walkers, small business owners, Uber drivers, YouTubers, IG models, creators, and everyone in between. Get tipped by your followers, customers, and their friends. Pie is for making, not faking.

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Sell nothing.

You dont need to sell anything. People pay because they like you. Forget merch.

Viral money

Tap into a network of money, not likes or views.

It's your piece.

Tips are just the beginning. New ways to monetize are coming soon :)


Currently available in US & Canada.
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